Levels of the Unconscious: Instincts, Archetypes, Unconscious Attitude
Уровни бессознательного: инстинкты, архетипы и неосознаваемая установка

A. Adykulov
2020 Bulletin of Science and Practice  
The article shows the role of instincts, archetypes, an unconscious attitude as the content of the unconscious sphere, and also identifies correlation and the relationship between them. The problem: to find ways of influencing culture on unconscious psychological determinants is also solved. Three levels of the unconscious have been distinguished, each level of which is inaccessible to consciousness and has its own nature of formation and affects the behavior and consciousness of the
more » ... where the relationship between these components of the unconscious plays a dominant role. From deep levels of the unconscious to awareness, formation of the meaning and behavior of the individual, an unconscious psychological determinant (instincts, archetypes, unconscious attitudes) and the relationships between them play a major role.
doi:10.33619/2414-2948/52/57 fatcat:q6x2umpqbrftvisvcekcu663ka