Radiofrequency Current at 448 Khz For Female Pattern Hair Loss: Cellular Bases For Redensification Improvement

Naranjo Pablo
2022 Journal of Dermatology Research  
Objective: Capacitive-Resistive Electrothermal Therapies (CRET) have proven effective in tissue regeneration. This study analyzes the response to 448-kHz CRET treatment in 20 patients with Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) and in woman's Dermal Papilla Cells (DPC). Methods: Patients received ten 20-minute CRET sessions over an 8-week interval. Three months after the last session, the effects of the treatment were trichoscopically analysed. DPC were CRET stimulated intermittently for 12, 24 or 48
more » ... and the effects on cell proliferation and expression of several proteins involved in cell proliferation were analysed. Results: Trichoscopic data revealed generalized, statistically significant hair redensification (10 – 15 % over pre-treatment values) in all the treated scalp areas. In-vitro electrostimulation significantly increased DPC proliferation and expression of the proteins involved in cell proliferation. Since dysregulation of DPC proliferation is the main factor underlying abnormal hair loss, it is likely that electrically-induced DPC proliferation is involved in the redensifying effects obtained in the trichological study. Conclusion: The results of the trichological study in FPHL patients and those of the experimental study in woman's DPC are consistent with each other and suggest that 448-kHz CRET could be effective both for hair redensification and hair loss prevention.
doi:10.46889/jdr.2022.3209 fatcat:tcc7mygtjzgupb45riwpfaq42y