Kinetic Studies of the Reduction of Ilmenite Ore by Hydrogen

1965 Journal of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Japan  
The reductions of ilmenite ore by hydrogen were studied over a temperature range of 650•‹ to 800•Ž with thermobalance. The overall reaction is found to consist of two stages and the rate of reduction can be described as follows; where x is fraction of reaction, t is time, k is rate constant and 1-n is reaction order. And then, the reasonable mechanisms of reduction may be presumed as follows; The rate of reduction for reaction (c) was much larger than those of (a) and (b). The reaction order
more » ... n) was 0.84, 0.89, 0.68, 0.77 and 0.67, and the apparent activation energy was 21, 28, and 30 kcal/ mol. for (a),(b) and (c) respectively. The reduction rate was found to be approximately proportional to hydrogen partial pressure in mixture of H2 and N2 gas.
doi:10.2473/shigentosozai1953.81.927_621 fatcat:7hpawdwmifg2pmior2o4oewjze