Efficient Delay Tracking Methods with Sidelobes Cancellation for BOC-Modulated Signals

Adina Burian, ElenaSimona Lohan, MarkkuKalevi Renfors
2007 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
In positioning applications, where the line of sight (LOS) is needed with high accuracy, the accurate delay estimation is an important task. The new satellite-based positioning systems, such as Galileo and modernized GPS, will use a new modulation type, that is, the binary offset carrier (BOC) modulation. This type of modulation creates multiple peaks (ambiguities) in the envelope of the correlation function, and thus triggers new challenges in the delay-frequency acquisition and tracking
more » ... . Moreover, the properties of BOC-modulated signals are yet not well studied in the context of fading multipath channels. In this paper, sidelobe cancellation techniques are applied with various tracking structures in order to remove or diminish the side peaks, while keeping a sharp and narrow main lobe, thus allowing a better tracking. Five sidelobe cancellation methods (SCM) are proposed and studied: SCM with interference cancellation (IC), SCM with narrow correlator, SCM with high-resolution correlator (HRC), SCM with differential correlation (DC), and SCM with threshold. Compared to other delay tracking methods, the proposed SCM approaches have the advantage that they can be applied to any sine or cosine BOC-modulated signal. We analyze the performances of various tracking techniques in the presence of fading multipath channels and we compare them with other methods existing in the literature. The SCM approaches bring improvement also in scenarios with closely-spaced paths, which are the most problematic from the accurate positioning point of view.
doi:10.1155/2007/72626 fatcat:gfm2oultjzhijeh6pn7tfe5bmu