Left Axis Deviation in Tricuspid Atresia and Single Ventricle

1955 Circulation  
The electrocardiograms from 28 unselected autopsied cases of tricuspid atresia, and eight autopsied cases of single ventricle were analysed: only those cases of single ventricle which showed left axis deviation were included. Electrocardiographic evidence of left ventricular preponderance in the precordial and unipolar limb leads was found in 27 of the 28 cases of tricuspid atresia, and three of the eight of single ventricle: In only two cases of single ventricle was the electrocardiogram
more » ... trocardiogram identical with that seen in tricuspid atresia, and in one of them tricuspid stenosis was present. Right auricular hypertrophy as evidenced by high peaked P waves, together with presystolic hepatic pulsations occurred in tricuspid atresia in those instances in which, at autopsy, the interauricular communication was found to be small. Single Ventricle (Cor Triloculare) In this condition, there is a single hypertrophied main ventricle and usually a rudimentary outlet chamber. It differs from tri-Circulation, Volume XII, October, 1.955 by guest on August 27, 2017 http://circ.ahajournals.org/ Downloaded from
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