Sub-Nanosecond Plastic Scintillator Time Response Studies Using Laser Produced X-Ray Pulsed Excitation

K. G. Tirsell, G. R. Tripp, E. M. Lent, R. A. Lerche, J. C. Cheng, L. Hocker, P. B. Lyons
1977 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
The light emission time response of quenched NE1T1 plastic scintillators has been measured using a streak camera (20 ps resolution) and 100 to 180 ps, 1.06 um, laser-produced, pulsed, low energy x-ray excitation. Each light output pulse was obtained by deconvolutlon from the film data using the x-ray temporal response measured with an x-ray sensitive streak camera (10 ps resolution). Time response parameters are presented for benzophenone and acetophenone, quenching agents which most
more » ... reduce the decay time of the singlet component. Full wTdth-half-maximums <_ 260 ps were observed for Nf.111 samples quenched with i 2% benzophenone. Results are given for unquenched samples consisting of different concentrations of butyl-PBD in PVT and for the phosphor ZnO doped with Ga.
doi:10.1109/tns.1977.4328684 fatcat:v3nimw6chzgolfxbbc2fxr5cca