Pneumonologia i Alergologia Kazuistyka Promienica płuc Pulmonary actinomycosis

Waldemar Saramak, Andrzej Otłowski, Naim Husejn, Jan Krusiewicz, Oddział Chirurgii, Klatki Piersiowej, J Krusiewicz, Mazowieckiego Husejn, Leczenia Centrum, Chorób Płuc I Gruźlicy, Otwocku
2004 Pneumonol. Alergol. Pol   unpublished
A case report of pulmonary actinomycosis is presented. The 33-years old man complained of long term pain in the thorax, coughing and subfebrile body temperature. Pleural empyema and pulmonary neoplasm were suspected. The finaly diagnosis was established by open thoracotomy and definitive histological examination. Partial lung resection and post operative penicillin G therapy were performed.