DIII-D dust particulate characterization (June 1998 Vent) [report]

W.J. Carmack
1999 unpublished
The bulk of the material analyzed was found in lower protected regions of the vacuum vessel. Most of the dust was found under the floor tiles and inside the access ports. Dust v concentrations in these locations were between 10 and 100 µg/cm 2 . The smallest quantities of dust were found in the upper vertical locations of the vacuum vessel and on plasma facing surfaces. Dust concentrations in these locations were between 0.01 to 1 µg/cm 2 . Using these dust concentrations and integrating around
more » ... the vacuum vessel in the general areas sampled, the total quantity of dust that may be present in the vacuum vessel could be as low as 30 grams and as high as 90 to 120 grams. vi Acknowledgment
doi:10.2172/752359 fatcat:idzmgx5do5hwpge42mivgojyle