Two-photon interference and coherent control of single InAs quantum dot emissions in an Ag-embedded structure

X. Liu, H. Kumano, H. Nakajima, S. Odashima, T. Asano, T. Kuroda, I. Suemune
2014 Journal of Applied Physics  
We have recently reported the successful fabrication of bright single-photon sources based on Ag-embedded nanocone structures that incorporate InAs quantum dots. The source had a photon collection efficiency as high as 24.6 show the results of various types of photonic characterizations of the Ag-embedded nanocone structures that confirm their versatility as regards a broad range of quantum optical applications. We measure the first-order autocorrelation function to evaluate the coherence time
more » ... the coherence time of emitted photons, and the second-order correlation function, which reveals the strong suppression of multiple photon generation. The high indistinguishability of emitted photons is shown by the Hong-Ou-Mandel-type two-photon interference. With quasi-resonant excitation, coherent population flopping is demonstrated through Rabi oscillations. Extremely high single-photon purity with a g^(2)(0) value of 0.008 is achieved with π-pulse quasi-resonant excitation.
doi:10.1063/1.4891224 fatcat:y7hkkhp7iffrvf2zxdrx5yfxka