O odbiorze dzieła literackiego

Jacek Wachowski
2018 Przestrzenie Teorii  
The article is an attempt to answer the question: what happens to a literary work – understood as Ingarden's purely intentional objects – from the recipient's perspective? And also: how do the images of objects arise in the minds of the audience and what are their properties? Transferring purely intentional objects to the recipient's perspective changes their status: mental images of objects are subject to numerous fluctuations (based on emotions and cognitive processes). In this way they are
more » ... ansformed into forms that are non-permanent reflections of objects belonging to a literary work. Referring to Ingarden's terminology, one might say that they become purely intentional reflections (or reflections of purely intentional objects). The article is an attempt to characterize and stratify them.
doi:10.14746/pt.2017.28.3 fatcat:uy5gwabonjdzbnu3wsk6pxao2m