Scheduling with neural networks: A review of the literature and new research directtions

Ihsan Sabuncuoglu
1998 Production planning & control (Print)  
K eyw ords scheduling, neural networks A bstract. Arti® cial neural networks ( ANNs) attempt to emulate the massively parallel and distributed processing of the human brain. They are being examined for a variety of problems that have been di cult to solve with current serial type computing and processing; incuding a wide variety of combinatorial optimization problems. This paper deals with scheduling problems involving ANN applications. The objective is to review the entire literature of neural
more » ... networks that are applied to various scheduling problems ranging from a single machine scheduling to satellite broadcasting scheduling. Both the theoretical developments and computational experiences are discussed. A classi® cation framework is provided. Future research directions are also suggested. A uthors: Ihsan Sabuncuoglu, He has published papers in I I E T ransactions, I nternational J ournal of P roduction R esearch, I nternational J ournal of F lex ib le M anuf acturing S ystem s, I nternational J ournal of C om puter I nteg rated M anuf acturing, C om puters and O perational R esearch, C omputers and I ndustrial E ngineering, E uropean J ournal of O perational R ese arch, and J ournal of O per ational R esearch S ociety. He is on the Editorial Review Board of I nternational J ournal of O per ations and Q uantitative M anagem ent, and J ournal of O perations M anagement. He is an associate member of Institute of Industrial Engineering and I nstitute for Operations Research and Management Science.
doi:10.1080/095372898234460 fatcat:2qhpesl3crao3nnrx56h5agn4i