Subject-adaptive Integration of Multiple SICE Brain Networks with Different Sparsity

Jianjia Zhang, Luping Zhou, Lei Wang
2017 Pattern Recognition  
Computer vision aims at producing numerical or symbolic information, e.g., decisions, by acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding images or other high-dimensional data. In many contexts of computer vision, the data are represented by or converted to covariance-based representations, including covariance descriptor and sparse inverse covariance estimation (SICE), due to their desirable properties. While enjoying beneficial properties, covariance representations also bring challenges.
more » ... th covariance descriptor and SICE matrix belong to the set of symmetric positive-definite (SPD) ma-
doi:10.1016/j.patcog.2016.09.024 fatcat:mkwvr4jtxbgyjb2fxjcszp3d4i