Towards rational and minimal change propagation in model evolution [article]

Hoa Khanh Dam, Aditya Ghose
2014 arXiv   pre-print
A critical issue in the evolution of software models is change propagation: given a primary change that is made to a model in order to meet a new or changed requirement, what additional secondary changes are needed to maintain consistency within the model, and between the model and other models in the system? In practice, there are many ways of propagating changes to fix a given inconsistency, and how to justify and automate the selection between such change options remains a critical
more » ... In this paper, we propose a number of postulates, inspired by the mature belief revision theory, that a change propagation process should satisfy to be considered rational and minimal. Such postulates enable us to reason about selecting alternative change options, and consequently to develop a machinery that automatically performs this task. We further argue that a possible implementation of such a change propagation process can be considered as a classical state space search in which each state represents a snapshot of the model in the process. This view naturally reflects the cascading nature of change propagation, where each change can require further changes to be made.
arXiv:1402.6046v1 fatcat:5nc3fzvfsrbudodsfb2cfiw7i4