K-band light curves for RR Lyrae stars in the globular clusters M5 and M92

Jesper Storm, Bruce W. Carney, David W. Latham
1992 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
K-band photometry for the RR Lyrae stars VI and V3 in the extremely metal-poor globular cluster M92 (NGC 6341) and V8 and V28 in the intermediate-metallicity cluster M5 (NGC 5904) have been acquired during the 1987-1990 observing seasons, for use in a Baade-Wesselink analysis. A single-channel photometer as well as IR imagers have been used for the data acquisition and the results from the different systems show good agreement. The reduction procedure for these data and the resulting light
more » ... s, good to better than 0.02 mag, based on 340, 541, 284, and 212 measurements for M92-V1, M92-V3, M5-V8, and M5-V28, respectively, are presented. Preliminary distance estimates for the clusters using the {M K )~log P relation for the RR Lyr stars leads to values of (m-M) 0 = 14.36 for M92 and (m-M) 0 = 14.24 for M5.
doi:10.1086/132973 fatcat:3llzar5fwbg5bg6njcy5i5yenq