International Journal of Management & Organizational Studies Copyrights 2016, Society of Management and Human Resource Development Causes of Disputes between the General Contractor and Subcontractor in the Construction Industry of Pakistan

Muhammad Zubair, Hamza Farooq, Gabriel, Muhammad Jamaluddin, Thaheem, Biography Muhammad, Umer Zubair, Muhammad Thaheem
Disputes have detrimental effects on project leading to cost overruns, delays, poor quality of work and intangible losses to working relationship among the project participants. Subcontracting constituting a major portion of construction works needs attention as the dispute taking place between the general contractor and subcontractor may jeopardize the success of the whole project. This study identifies the causes of disputes between the contractor and subcontractor through a survey conducted
more » ... a survey conducted in the Pakistani construction industry and determines that delays in payment, unfair risk allocation, delays in work, incompetent subcontractor and negative attitude of parties are the top five causes of disputes. This paper will be helpful to both contractor and subcontractor in assessing that where their relationship could take a sharp turn and take remedial measures beforehand.