Research on Development Orientation of Costume Design and Engineering

Yanling Hu
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology   unpublished
Chinese apparel industry has experienced more than two decades of precipitation and accumulation of years of baptism to the Chinese clothing has brought a huge change. Chinese clothing experienced a shift from a commercial brand to clothing apparel manufacturers, derived from the Chinese clothing brand business, to refine the Chinese clothing, broken down into the changing nature of private label phase. This is a historic leap forward for Chinese clothing, the clothing just because China only
more » ... enty years time traveled overseas garment industry spent nearly a hundred years before the road traveled clothing. Over time, for the clothing industry development constraints increasingly blame, society, the mass of the garment industry increasingly high demand, China's garment industry is facing enormous challenges, the university of clothing design and engineering development orientation Education also need to find new export markets and industries to adapt to fashion design and development orientation of professional engineering requirements. Have a Clear Planning and Positioning on Individual Learning Career and Chosen Costume Design and Engineering Establish clear objectives like navigation lights on the road ahead, to illuminate the road ahead, not get lost, detours. Individual learning and career chosen costume design and engineering have a clear planning and positioning must be realistic, this is an important prerequisite, by understanding and evaluation of the individual to find personal strengths and weaknesses, based on individual learning ability, personal expertise found for personal professional goals and career planning, in order to make accurate and correct positioning of the individual learning plans and career as well as costume design and engineering. Learning is boring, boring, often caused by human fatigue, learning a long time, it is easier to want to give, and often encounter difficulties and learning problems, mood will not smooth, so many people do not stick with it finally. Develop a clear and correct costume design and engineering study plan as if there were a conviction in the hearts of people, when faced with difficulties in learning or feel boring, beliefs give people support, giving strength, people insist down. Develop a clear and correct costume design and engineering study plan, in fact, represent a positive sense, this clothing design and engineering study has a good role in promoting. Prerequisite for success is good planning learning, beliefs and actively develop upward. Want to learn fashion design and engineering, we must do a good job planning, personal clothing design and engineering study have clear and unambiguous position, so-called "go rather fixed, and the world beyond into the matter," he says is the truth. People most likely to commit a mistake to get carried away, not knowing self-evident, there is no clear understanding of the individual, it is often too bombastic or too timid, both of which are
doi:10.2991/icemet-16.2016.203 fatcat:lg5s6hz3gfefvaglnqsi35elba