Dmytro Kaznacheev, Dmytro Musaelyan. Legal requirements for the purchase, storage and wearing of weapons in Ukraine

Dmytro Kaznacheev, Dmytro Musaelyan
2020 Naukovyy Visnyk Dnipropetrovs kogo Derzhavnogo Universytety Vnutrishnikh Sprav  
The article clarifies what licensing requirements exist in Ukraine for the purchase, storage and sale of firearms to citizens and organizations, examines the legal requirements, including the age and parameters of training, possession and use of weapons, rights and conditions for the acquisition of weapons. At the same time, the law regulates the concept of civilian weapons that is available for purchase and which can be used as a weapon of self-defense within the framework of the necessary
more » ... nse in accordance with Art. 36 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is concluded that today in Ukraine, in order to legalize the free circulation of weapons for the purpose of self-defense, it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements: definition and observance of the boundaries of necessary defense; training, obtaining permission to purchase weapons only after passing the exam; definition of the category of citizens who can not have such a right; to provide high-quality and timely state control over the circulation of weapons Keywords: weapons, arms trade, ownership rights of citizens, storage and transportation of selfdefenses firearm, legal regulation, licensing requirements arms traffic.
doi:10.31733/2078-3566-2019-5-41-45 fatcat:yfmcumog6rhfbgcp4f4xhg5jaa