A Novel method for the Higher Order components extraction of the Channel current in GaAs MESFET

Youngsik Kim, JiYoun Kim, Sungwoo Kim, Bumman Kim
We propose a new simple and accurate method for the higher order Taylor coefficient extraction of the channel current in GaAs MESFET. In this method, the nonlinear channel currents are directly measured through a hole current sensor and spectrum analyzer. Taylor coefficients up to 3rd order have been successfully extracted from the measured currents of the low frequency(4MHz, 25MHz) two-tone test, and a resonator is added to the load to remove the gate frequency component from the drain
more » ... which makes the problem simple. The proposed extraction procedure is simple and straightforward.
doi:10.6092/unibo/amsacta/38 fatcat:urses5v5kramdaf4t7f7f4vdyq