Records of water levels in the Big Sioux Aquifer, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, 1981 [unknown]

Douglas R. Winter
1983 Antarctica A Keystone in a Changing World   unpublished
Wells are numbered according to a system based on the Federal land-survey of eastern South Dakota (fig. 1 ). The well number consists of township followed by "N", range followed by "W", and section number, followed by a maximum of four upper-case letters that indicate, respectively, the 160-, 40-, 10-, and 2&-acre tract in which the well is located. These letters are assigned in a counter-clockwise direction beginning with "A" in the northeast quarter. A serial number following the last letter
more » ... s used to distinguish between wells in the same tract. Thus, well 104N49W31CCCC (fig. 1
doi:10.3133/ofr821020 fatcat:trts6tmxk5gcvnv4abigyb5jsm