Evaluation Amount of Residual Monomer in Two Types of Denture Base Materials Heat and Light Cure Acrylic Reinforced with Silainated Glass Fiber

Raghdaa K. Jassim, Aseel A. A. Radhi
2015 Iraqi Dental Journal  
Residual monomer is one of the undesirable factors affecting the properties of acrylic resin denture bases this study compared the influence of addition silanated glass fiber(SGF) to two types of acrylic (heat &light cured resin) on the amount of residual monomer methyl methacrylate (MMA) at different periods of time. Materials and Methods: specimens of heat and light cured denture base materials reinforced with(2mm length, 2wt%)(SGF) were measured for their amount of residual monomer (MMA)by
more » ... ing high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) after(3days, 7days, 14days, and 30days). Results: The amount of residual monomer in reinforced groups with (SGF) either heat or light cured resin was less than non reinforced groups. The amount of residual monomer in heat cured resin was higher significance than light-cured resin and the amount of residual monomer of both types of acrylic decreased with time increased. conclusion: The addition of 2% silainated glass fiber to the both heat cured & light cured resin slightly decrease the amount of residual monomer.
doi:10.26477/idj.v37i1.35 fatcat:p6uwlj3pp5dvnajoqpkbxg2afu