Time evolution in the Morse potential using supersymmetry: Dissociation of the NO molecule

B Molnár, P Földi, M. G Benedict, F Bartha
2003 Europhysics letters  
We present an algebraic method for treating molecular vibrations in the Morse potential perturbed by an external laser field. By the help of a complete and normalizable basis we transform the Schrödinger equation into a system of coupled ordinary differential equations. We apply our method to calculate the dissociation probability of the NO molecule excited by chirped laser pulses. The dependence of the molecular dipole-moment on the interatomic separation is determined by a quantum-chemical
more » ... hod, and the corresponding transition dipole moments are given by approximate analytic expressions. These turn out to be very small between neighboring stationary states around the vibrational quantum number m=42, therefore we propose to use additional pulses in order to skip this trapping state, and to obtain a reasonable dissociation probability.
doi:10.1209/epl/i2003-00328-9 fatcat:2igs7nyb2zbu5ku3wc4wbieg3i