Study on Small Simulation Device of Coal Spontaneous Combustion Process

Zhang Ying-Hua, Lai Yi-Kun, Huang Zhi-An, Gao Yu-Kun
2011 Procedia Engineering  
Considering advantages and disadvantages of present ignition stations, the double nested spontaneous furnace with better thermal insulation performance was developed, and electrical sand bath was taken as thermal insulation and gas preheating device, also the temperature acquisition and temperature control device with higher accuracy was selected in order to solve the problems of heat dissipation and temperature control. The ignition furnace and sandbath attemperator of the device form the
more » ... e insurance to protect the heat in the process of the coal spontaneous combustion reaction, and could guarantee the coal spontaneous combustion reaction process to be simulated scientifically and veritably. With this device, the coal sample of the SHIGANG COAL MINE was experimented to simulate the spontaneous combustion reaction process, proving that the device is feasible. The device can be used in the relevant experiments of coal spontaneous combustion. Coal spontaneous combustion is an extraordinary serious natural disaster in China, which mainly occurred in the coal mines and various types of coal pile, even during coal transportation. More than half of key coal mines have a serious spontaneous combustion phenomenon. It not only seriously affects mine production, resulting in significant economic and resource losses, more importantly, the development of coal spontaneous combustion will lead to external fire, casualties, and even gas explosion, cause heavy casualties and more losses [1]. The coal resources today account for about 70% in the structure of energy production and consumption, and will remain more than 50% in 2050 in prediction. But the fire caused by
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.11.2257 fatcat:zso2quakhzghjgfsq7xtfcwq7i