S24 Differentiated primary bronchial epithelial cell (pBECs), monocyte derived macrophages (MdMs) and monocyte derived dendritic cells (MODCs) transwell co-culture: Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection of the apical and basolateral surfaces

K. B. Ugonna, K. Plant, M. L. Everard
2010 Thorax  
We have compared CF and non-CF bronchiectasis (n¼36 combined). Polymicrobial communities were observed in all CF and non-CF bronchiectasis patients. However, CF patients demonstrated a greater bacterial diversity with a mean of 14.77 species per sample (range 6e21) than non-CF bronchiectasis patients who had a mean of 9.67 species per sample (range 4e14). However, fungal communities were similar between CF and non-CF bronchiectasis with 73.3% and 75% of patients harbouring fungi in their LRT
more » ... pectively. Similarly, CF patients had a mean of 1.33 fungal species per sample (range 0e4) whilst non-CF bronchiectasis patients had a mean of 1.16 fungal species per sample (range 0e3). Conclusions We note a complex microbiota in the lungs of both CF and non-CF bronchiectasis patients. In contrast to other studies using DNA based molecular analysis we note an increased microbial diversity observed in the CF cohort. The increases in bacterial taxa in CF may be due to differences in CFTR status, disease duration, or the intensive antibiotic regimens creating differing biological niches in non-CF bronchiectasis.
doi:10.1136/thx.2010.150912.24 fatcat:pz7xbjulafa4hhg4n52txwwsli