The evolution of natural systems - from the point of view of a philosopher [post]

Emir Ashursky
2021 unpublished
According to the author, observed now natural polymorphism does not come down to the simplest neo-Darwinist constructions, but one way or another involves, as a provoking factor, the so-called "outside interference". Nevertheless, the indisputable fundamental role of the evolutionary principle is all the same visible literally at every step. This is both rather intricate genesis of prions, and microevolutionary shifts which, by the way, are taking place before our eyes (detection of new strains
more » ... of bacteria and fungi resistant to various poisons or rare outlandish representatives of anaerobic and chemotrophic biota); just like the racial differences of people that, apparently, have been the best explained by J.-P. Lamarck who, alas, was then outcasted with almost the entire scientific world. Therefore, the natural progress is first of all, while creationism can, in general, be considered only as one of its tactical moves.
doi:10.24108/preprints-3112238 fatcat:obbiei3hcrdbtomg2jtidxp5da