Bioindication of Surface Water of Fish Ponds and Streams for the Dynamics of Phosphatase Activity in Hepatopancreas of Aquatic Organisms

Nikolay Byshov, Svetlana Nefedova, Alexey Korovushkin, Sergey Borychev, Ivan Uspenskiy, Elena Vorontsova
2020 KnE Life Sciences  
Bioindication allows monitoring the ecological state of rivers and ponds. It is the mechanism of the environmental effect on aquatic organisms that the dynamics of interior parameters makes it possible to determine the type of the effect, single emergency or retrospective, even if the environmental damage to surface waters was caused a long time ago. Due to this, the efficiency of taking timely measures to clean toxic water is high. The use of the dynamics of phosphatase activity in
more » ... vity in hepatopancreas of Unio pictorum mollusks as a test reaction is true to present the picture of pollution. In a case of short-term pollution by household or agricultural wastewater, an increase in the activity of phosphatase in the hepatopancreas of mollusks by 1.5 units/g of protein after 12 hours and by 0.8 units/g of protein after 18 hours was noted, etc. As a result of studies, test responses of mollusks allowed graphs to be constructed to determine the toxicity of the environment. They are proposed for preventive work to identify contamination of fish ponds and streams used for watering of farm animals.
doi:10.18502/kls.v5i1.6184 fatcat:3qg6jnl2gzhkhcaj5l3mf6tlim