Pre-production validation of the ATLAS Level-1 calorimeter trigger system

R. Achenbach, C. Ay, B.M. Barnett, B. Bauss, A. Belkin, C. Bohm, I.P. Brawn, A.O. Davis, J. Edwards, E. Eisenhandler, F. Fohlisch, C.N.P. Gee (+31 others)
2005 14th IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference, 2005.  
The Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger is a major part of the first stage of event selection for the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. It is a digital, pipelined system with several stages of processing, largely based on FPGAs, which perform programmable algorithms in parallel with a fixed latency to process about 300 Gbyte/s of input data. The real-time output consists of counts of different types of trigger objects and energy sums. Prototypes of all module types have been undergoing intensive testing
more » ... re final production during 2005. Verification of their correct operation has been performed stand-alone and in the ATLAS test-beam at CERN. Results from these investigations will be presented, along with a description of the methodology used to perform the tests.
doi:10.1109/rtc.2005.1547460 fatcat:keazpcxrifhnbbwmxilpk5dx7u