Antioxidant Activity Test and Determination Of Total Flavonoids Levels of Kedondong Laut (Nothopanax fructicosum (L.) Miq) Leaf Extract

Virsa Handayani, Andi Amaliah Dahlia, Nurul Hasanah, Aulia Nur Siti Nur Aisya Amin
2020 International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Kedondong laut (Nothopanax fruticosum (L.) Miq.) is a plant from the family Araliaceae. Leaves of kedondong laut useful for diuretik, analgesics, as an antidiarrheal and arthritis. The characteristics of sea kedondong are shrubs, yellowish green, the size of small flowers are green and the fruit is greenish purple and the height of the tree reaches up to 3 meters. Extracted by stratified extraction using solvents n-Hexane, ethyl acetate, and 96% ethanol with a percent rendender for n-Hexane
more » ... ent 1.504% ethyl acetate 2.784%, ethanol 3.698%. The results showed that each extract of kedondong laut leaves (Nothopanax fructicosum (L.) Miq has antioxidant activity with IC50 value of n-hexane extract of 33.839µg/mL, ethyl acetate extract of 12.604µg/mL and ethanol extract of 2.222 µg/mL ethanol extract of kedondong laut leaves (Nothopanax fructicosum (L.) Miq) has higher antioxidant power than n-hexane extract and ethyl acetate, the total flavonoid compound content is 0.09902 gQE/g extract or 9.902%, ethyl acetate extract is equal to 0.13253 gQE /g extract or 13.253%, and 96% ethanol extract at 0.09345 gQE / g extract or 9.345%, ethyl acetate extract has a greater flavonoid content than n-hexane extract and 96% ethanol.
doi:10.26452/ijrps.v11i2.2244 fatcat:mfx5cchiwjdahc4mssxexnoi7m