Perfect plane-wave source for a high-order symplectic finite-difference time-domain scheme

Hui Wang, Zhi-Xiang Huang, Xian-Liang Wu, Xin-Gang Ren
2011 Chinese Physics B  
The method of splitting a plane-wave finite-difference time-domain (SP-FDTD) algorithm is presented for the initiation of plane-wave source in the total-field / scattered-field (TF/SF) formulation of high-order symplectic finitedifference time-domain (SFDTD) scheme for the first time. By splitting the fields on one-dimensional grid and using the nature of numerical plane-wave in finite-difference time-domain (FDTD), the identical dispersion relation can be obtained and proved between the
more » ... between the one-dimensional and three-dimensional grids. An efficient plane-wave source is simulated on one-dimensional grid and a perfect match can be achieved for a plane-wave propagating at any angle forming an integer grid cell ratio. Numerical simulations show that the method is valid for SFDTD and the residual field in SF region is shrinked down to −300 dB.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/20/11/114701 fatcat:aszp5po3ubhbhogwrgwatqhaey