Surgical management of large acoustic neuromas: a review

R Philip, N Prepageran, R Raman, L P H Jennifer, V Waran
2009 The Medical journal of Malaysia  
Acoutic neuromas operated at UMMC from 2001 to 2006 were retrospectively reviewed. There were a total of 27 cases. All tumors were large, measuring more than 2 cm. Hearing loss was the most common presenting symptom (63%), followed by headache (52%), dysequilibrium (30%), facial numbness (30%), tinnitus (26%) and gait disturbances (15%). Eleven (41%) of patients had hydrocephalus at the time of presentation, for which a shunt procedure was required. The translabrynthine (TL) approach was used
more » ... r 12 patients and the retrosigmoid (RS) with or without presigmoid clearance for the remaining 15. Major complications included one mortality and three cerebrovascular accidents (CVA's). The one-year facial nerve outcome was good to acceptable in 62% (House-Brackmann Grade I - IV) of patients. A literature review of current management of acoustic neuromas is presented.
pmid:20954553 fatcat:n5yuq7ubercnvelo3fl65zsnze