Angular Distributions in the10B(d,p)11B Reaction

N T S Evans, W C Parkinson
1954 Proceedings of the Physical Society Section A  
Angular distributions of six proton groups from the reaction lOB(d, p)llB were obtained using a scintillation counter spectrometer and an incident deuteron energy of 7.7 ~e v . Distributions for the three longest range groups were also obtained at the additional deuteron energies of 6.2, 7.1 and 8.0 MeV. The results are largely compatible with the normal theory of deuteron stripping, and the five longest range proton groups appear to correspond to ingoing p-neutrons. The properties of the first
more » ... excited state in llB are, however, in some doubt. Possible spin assignments for the lower levels of llB arising from excitation within the p-shell are considered and the corresponding relative values of the neutron capture probability are listed.
doi:10.1088/0370-1298/67/8/305 fatcat:zxkwszlq3fetxhfii6glms2pwi