Inferior Phrenic Artery, Variations in Origin and Clinical Implications – A Case Study

.Anupama D
2013 IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  
Variations in the branching pattern of abdominal aorta are quite common, knowledge of which is required to avoid complications during surgical interventions involving the posterior abdominal wall. Inferior Phrenic Arteries, the lateral aortic branches usually arise from Abdominal Aorta ,just above the level of celiac trunk. Occasionally they arise from a common aortic origin with celiac trunk, or from the celiac trunk itself or from the renal artery. This study describes the anomalous origin of
more » ... this lateral or para aortic branches in the light of embryological and surgical basis. Knowledge of such variations has important clinical significance in abdominal operations like renal transplantation, laparoscopic surgery, and radiological procedures in the upper abdomen or invasive arterial procedures .
doi:10.9790/0853-0764648 fatcat:ickfduzuxvgqjaxjkqzgknf4pa