Hydrology of Crater, East and Davis Lakes, Oregon; with section on Chemistry of the Lakes [report]

1968 unpublished
Page FIGURE 1. Map showing location of lakes discussed_________________ E4 2. Aerial photograph of Crater Lake looking northward toward Mount Thielsen._____________________________________ 6' 3. Bathymetric chart of Crater Lake._______________________ 4. Graphs showing altitude of water surface of Crater Lake, precipitation at Grants Pass and Crater Lake, and flow of Rogue River at Raygold-_____________________________ 5. Graphs showing relation between average stage of Crater Lake and amounts
more » ... f annual seepage and precipitation-... 6. Aerial photograph of cinder cones and lava flow separating East and Paulina Lakes.______________________________ 7. Photograph from southwest shore of East Lake.____________ 8. Aerial photograph of lava flow that impounds Davis Lake_ _ _ _ 9. Graph showing area and volume of Davis Lake.____________ 10. Graph showing average monthly flows of Odell and Davis Creeks ______________________________________________ 11. Graph showing relation of stage of Davis Lake to flow of Davis Creek below springs_____-______________________ TABLES TABLE 1. Monthly and annual temperature and precipitation at Crater Page Lake____________________________________________ E48 2. Precipitation at Crater Lake Weather Station for years ending June 30, 1931-62_______________________________ 3. Rise in level of Crater Lake in selected periods of heavy precipitation, 1961-62______________________-__________ 4. Fall in level of Crater Lake in selected periods of no precipitation, 1961-62_______________________________ 49 5. Computed seepage rates for Crater Lake._________________ 6.
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