Biochemical analysis of murine leukemia viruses isolated from radiation-induced leukemias of strain BALB/c

R W Ellis, N Hopkins, E Fleissner
1980 Journal of Virology  
Murine leukemia viruses isolated from radiation-induced BALB/c leukemias were characterized with respect to viral proteins and RNA. Analysis by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the viral structural proteins revealed that for p12, p15, p30, and gp7O, three to four electrophoretic variants of each could be detected. There was no correlation found between any of these mobilities and Nor B-tropism of the viruses. Proteins of all xenotropic viral isolates were identical
more » ... their gel electrophoretic profiles. The similar phenotypes of multiple viral clones from individual leukemias and of isolates grown in different cells suggest that the polymorphism of ecotropic viruses was generated in vivo rather than during in vitro virus growth. By two-dimensional fingerprinting of RNase Tl-resistant oligonucleotides from 70S viral RNA, the previously reported association of N-and B-tropism with two distinct oligonucleotides was confirmed. The presence of two other oligonucleotides was correlated with positive and negative phenotypes of the virus-coded GIX cell surface antigen. The RNAs of two B-tropic isolates with distinctive p15 and p12 phenotypes differed from the RNA of a prototype N-tropic virus by the absence of three oligonucleotides mapping in the 5' portion (gag region) of the prototype RNA. In addition, one small-plaque B-tropic virus displayed extensive changes in the RNA sequences associated with the env region of the prototype. where (11, 29) .
doi:10.1128/jvi.33.2.661-670.1980 fatcat:d3qc5k2derdydercwly4pt7shm