A Valuable Invention

1848 Scientific American  
A new and valuable machine for the laying off the wet sheets of paper as tast as it is mlln· factured, has recently been invented and pa· tented by Mr. George L. Wright of Springfield. The first one yet constructed is now in ope ration at the ;Japer mill of the Messrs. Ames, and is well worthy a visit. The number of hands saved on each machine for manufactu ring paper is three, and the work is accom plished with far greater precision and without waste. vVe see no reason why the machine in
more » ... on cann ot be applied with eqllal ad vantage to the Napier printing presses in lay ing off the wet sheets as fast as they are prin ted. The progress making in the perfecting of machinery is exceedingly rapid. Quite a number of machines have been constructed in this town, within the past year, two of which are doubtless known to our reauers, viz: the machine for cutting staves, mortices, tenons, &'c., and that by which stone is dressed and cut with far greater accuracy than by hand. The inventors of all these machines will doubtless receive, as they should, handsome remunerations.-Springfleld Republican.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03181848-202n fatcat:qxlojo7wnbgzbncdt5b6zctody