Using Original Methods in Teaching English Language to Foreign Students (Chinese) in Indian Classroom

Devimeenakshi. K., C. N. Baby Maheswari
2012 English Language Teaching  
The article gives information on English language teaching schemes in Indian classrooms for foreign students. The teacher monitors as facilitator and instructor. The trainees were trained in the four macro skills, LSRW. I taught some topics in three skills, namely, writing, listening and reading (just three, not speaking skills) to Chinese students in VIT University. The other skill speaking was trained by other teachers among the four. Students were trained to listen to English words and
more » ... es, to read the comprehension passages and answer the questions, and to coach basic grammar and revising it. More over, beginners were also guided to learn technical words related to their respective disciplines (major subjects) other than English words. For example, Chinese students posed a query to the faculty to explain on technical words and terms of their main subjects in English, for instance, B.Sc Computer Science (under graduate programme) students wished to learn about the word data. Since, the English Oxford Dictionary meaning is 'facts or statistics used for reference or analysis', but in the field of Computer Science, the word means "information processed by a computer". So, there arouse a need to help them in distinguishing the different meanings of the word. In addition to, many students were not familiar with English. Thus through the above said way of facilitating, they acquired a good knowledge by varied types of expressions to master their particular subjects. It was a moment to state that they had come from China to India to obtain the nuances of English language. They undertook and were gradually expertised at specific courses in English medium of instruction, perhaps to get degree. Teacher's a few lesson plans (how the practices are conducted in listening, reading and writing skills) as well as some parts in allotted syllabus (listening to songs, passages, writing a paragraph and essay, picture-story writing and write about yourself, reading the passage and writing) were discussed in the current paper. Role of the teacher and student were explained in detail. Therefore, the abstract would portray how the beginners were trained, taught, convinced, persuaded and managed by a tutor to reach the goal of English language teaching to Chinese students. Being a single source, language, with its complexity, generates communication all around the world. Since it is the method of free creation, the diverse systems of schooling are implemented through this unique cause. Schopenhauer's (2009, p. 5) idea, "The word of man (woman) is the most durable of all material" ensures the quality of teaching Basic English (English Bridge Course) to Chinese students in VIT University. As a matter of fact, any one will be stirred by this attitude and will have authentic interest and pleasure to render service in the institution. The students are coming from China to India especially to study and develop their skills in English language. There are students from Wuhan and Zhen Zhou Universities under Top Up Programme scheme, who were taught English to acquire proficiency in English. Justice was rendered to students in teaching. However, Dewey's (2012) concept "The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think-rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men", made me (as an individual not influenced by other men's thoughts) to plan and adopt English Language Teaching Vol. 5, No. 9; 2012 167 Communicative Language Teaching methodology with power point presentation device. White board and marker pen were also used as a traditional means to communicate distinctly to students creating concrete classroom ambience.
doi:10.5539/elt.v5n9p166 fatcat:bbvbgoamivhpplpcod344ms36e