Activation Of The Students' Educational Activity By A Special Medical Group

Terokhina Olha, Hubriieko Oleksandr, Terokhina Yelyzaveta
2018 Zenodo  
The intensification of the educational activities of students of special medical group are shown. The paper reveals the reasons for the sickness rate and low physical readiness of student of special educational department, the analysis and classification of diseases. The attitude of students towards overcoming deviations in the state of health was studied; revealed individual characterological characteristics of students, the level of knowledge among students about the causes of diseases and
more » ... in physical development. The paper also presents the measures aimed at intensifying the educational process in the special department and reveals the prospects of introducing further educational health protection technologies of studies. The combined studies of a large number of authors and a clear analysis of the improvement of the physical education system with students assigned to a special medical group revealed the structure of the incidence of students in higher education. Practices of special training departments of the proposed control tests and standards have been introduced, it activates students, changes their attitude to the learning process and attracts them to systematic independent physical exercises. Proven physical development and physical training of applicants? children and first-year students of the Zaporozhye National Technical University for many years. It tells about the regimes of motor activity, where students and children indicate specific exercises that they use systematically at home, complexes of morning hygienic gymnastics, complexes of physical exercise and minutia while preparing homework. The reasons for the high morbidity and disability of student youth in Ukraine are revealed. The questions on the rehabilitation of health, the restoration of the necessary capacity for work and the provision of normal life of university students are disclosed. Also, the level of effectiveness of health training with students of a special educational department was revealed. In addition, a scientific analy [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1294890 fatcat:dmiuf6mx4vbkpbwllq7jlpms6e