Validation Of Usability Evaluation Models Through Experimental Setup And Empirical Study

P Ashok, Reddy Sr, Comp Applications Lbrce-Mylavaram, Krishna Dt, India Dr, Rao Rajasekhara, Director, M Reddy
2016 unpublished
In the entire software life cycle, it is evident that the maintenance phase occupies major role as the organizations are using the software for years together with up to date modifications and enhancements subject to the ever changing business dynamics. In light of the importance given on maintenance activity, a model has been developed to understand the basic characteristics of maintenance viz. Understandability, Usability and Modifiability and an effort has been made to result in suitable
more » ... ictions of maintenance effort required for the chosen software application. In this paper, empirical study has been carried out on Internet banking applications and the proposed maintenance prediction model has been verified using various Usability aspects.