Annual report of the Wind Characteristics Program Element for the period July 1977--July 1978 [report]

L.L. Wendell, J.R. Connell, W.T. Pennell, D.S. Renne, H.L. Wegley
1978 unpublished
As a service element within the Federal Wind Energy Program, the Wind Characteristics Program Element (WCPE) is established to provide the appropriate wind characterisitcs information to those involved in the design and evaluation of wind energy conversion systems (WECS), in energy program planning, in selecting sites for WECS installation, and in the operation of WECS. To effectively produce the information needed in these four categories, the WCPE, for which Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL)
more » ... has the responsibility for management and technical assistance, has been divided into four technical program areas. This annual report to the Wind Systems Branch (WSB) of the
doi:10.2172/6224432 fatcat:2y3eogrutvdtvbhvbuzassvtt4