Research on Interdisciplinary Education in Digital Economy

Yao Yao, Pan Qi, Yiming Zhu
2019 Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development (SSCHD 2019)   unpublished
The digital economy requires human resources with the skill set covers multiple disciplines. At present, the development of interdisciplinary education in universities is still in the phase of experiment. This paper analyzed the issue of curriculum reform, teaching method reform and innovation, contexture aware education, and evaluation system in interdisciplinary education. The curriculum should be integrating courses from different disciplines, containing more practice class hours and
more » ... e interaction between different courses. The teaching method should be more inclined to critical thinking and higher level thinking, so as to achieve problem solving abilities. Innovative approach should be adopted in interdisciplinary education to enhance the quality of education. Context aware education requires acceleration of knowledge update, adaption to labor market, and entrepreneurship education. The evaluation standard should be designed and implemented for interdisciplinary education, so as to balance theoretical studies and practical knowledge application, to ensure the efficiency of the learning outcome.
doi:10.2991/sschd-19.2019.32 fatcat:nfnywewpwngf5n343u7se6et5y