Non commutative gravity from the ADS/CFT correspondence

Antal Jevicki, Sanjaye Ramgoolam
1999 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The exclusion principle of Maldacena and Strominger is seen to follow from deformed Heisenberg algebras associated with the chiral rings of S_N orbifold CFTs. These deformed algebras are related to quantum groups at roots of unity, and are interpreted as algebras of space-time field creation and annihilation operators. We also propose, as space-time origin of the stringy exclusion principle, that the $ADS_3 \times S^3$ space-time of the associated six-dimensional supergravity theory acquires,
more » ... theory acquires, when quantum effects are taken into account, a non-commutative structure given by $SU_q(1,1) \times SU_q (2)$. Both remarks imply that finite N effects are captured by quantum groups $SL_q(2)$ with $q= e^{{i \pi \over {N + 1}}}$. This implies that a proper framework for the theories in question is given by gravity on a non-commutative spacetime with a q-deformation of field oscillators. An interesting consequence of this framework is a holographic interpretation for a product structure in the space of all unitary representations of the non-compact quantum group $SU_q(1,1)$ at roots of unity.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/1999/04/032 fatcat:72kcp37e3zfnjizqeilc2zsada