Modeling of the Super‐Eddington Phase for Classical Novae: FiveIUENovae

Mariko Kato, Izumi Hachisu
2007 Astrophysical Journal  
We present a light curve model for the super-Eddington luminosity phase of five classical novae observed with IUE. Optical and UV light curves are calculated based on the optically thick wind theory with a reduced effective opacity for a porous atmosphere. Fitting a model light curve with the UV 1455 \AA light curve, we determine the white dwarf mass and distance to be (1.3 M_sun, 4.4 kpc) for V693 CrA, (1.05 M_sun, 1.8 kpc) for V1974 Cyg, (0.95 M_sun, 4.1 kpc) for V1668 Cyg, (1.0 M_sun, 2.1
more » ... (1.0 M_sun, 2.1 kpc) for V351 Pup, and (1.0 M_sun, 4.3 kpc) for OS And.
doi:10.1086/511058 fatcat:v47woqakrjehffozbo2obn3jem