From Josephson junction metamaterials to tunable pseudo-cavities

D Zueco, C Fernández-Juez, J Yago, U Naether, B Peropadre, J J García-Ripoll, J J Mazo
2013 Superconductors Science and Technology  
The scattering through a Josephson junction interrupting a superconducting line is revisited including power leakage. We discuss also how to make tunable and broadband resonant mirrors by concatenating junctions. As an application, we show how to construct cavities using these mirrors, thus connecting two research fields: JJ quantum metamaterials and coupled cavity arrays. We finish by discussing the first non-linear corrections to the scattering and their measurable effects.
doi:10.1088/0953-2048/26/7/074006 fatcat:fcajn4crangnjnmxdcgh3mtzsi