Recombination coefficients for the 5g - 4f transitions of O$_{\mathrm{III}}$ at nebular temperatures and densities

R. Kisielius, P. J. Storey
1999 Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series  
We calculate effective recombination coefficients for the formation of the 5g − 4f lines of O iii in the intermediate coupling scheme. Photoionization data for the 5g levels calculated using the R-matrix method are used to derive their recombination coefficients. Cascading from higher states is included, allowing for the effects of finite electron density in a hydrogenic approximation. We explicitly include the distribution of population between the two ground levels of O 3+ in the calculation
more » ... f the line intensities. The results are presented as a simple programmeable formula allowing the calculation of recombination line intensities for electron temperatures, T e in the range 5000 − 20 000 K and electron densities, N e in the range 10 2 − 10 6 cm −3 .
doi:10.1051/aas:1999242 fatcat:rhexxd6pprd4rgex2upopfbwja