Diffusion of Negative Ion Vacancies in Potassium Chloride

J. Ewles, S. C. Jain
1958 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
I The results of experimental investigations on the rate of relaxation of the enhanced electrical conductivity produced by rapid quenching of potassium chloride are shown to be in good [ agreement with the theoretical findings of Jain (1958) for the rate of annihilation of lattice ! vacancies by diffusion to surfaces. The rate of relaxation is found to be independent of the j size and shape of specimen, suggesting that the surfaces at which annihilation occurs are J those of a submicroscopic
more » ... a submicroscopic structure. The temperature and time dependence of the relaxation | together with the theory permit the evaluation of the diffusion coefficient for negative ion | vacancies (D0 ~ 7 cm2s-1) for potassium chloride, their energy of migration (1*86 eV) and the I order of the dimensions of the mosaic blocks (10-5 cm).
doi:10.1098/rspa.1958.0004 fatcat:jg33gadssbcejd26yjiaq4f2aa