Determination of the Location and Magnetic Moment of Ferromagnetic Objects Based on the Analysis of Magnetovision Measurements

Michał Nowicki, Roman Szewczyk
2019 Sensors  
This article is concerned with the localization of ferromagnetic objects on the basis of magnetovision measurement analysis. In the presented case, the concept of localization is understood as the indication of the x, y, and z coordinates of the magnetic moment of the sought object. Magnetovision measurement provides a much simpler, two-dimensional localization of magnetic anomalies compared to existing active and passive mobile devices, largely based on operator knowledge and experience. In
more » ... ition, the analysis of the obtained magnetovision measurement, by fusing data with a mathematical model, enables a quantitative assessment of the position of an object in space and the determination of the value and spatial orientation of its magnetic moment vector. The detection and localization method was verified using the certified magnetic moment standard. An additional novelty is the inclusion of the influence of the constant gradient of the external field in the model, which corresponds to disturbing the measurement by the influence of large, but distant, objects. The proposed three-dimensional magnetovision measurement method and its analysis enable the determination of the x, y, and z coordinates; the angular position; and the magnetic moment values of unknown magnetic dipoles in real conditions (effects of disturbances generated by other distant objects and background noise), thus precisely detecting and locating the ferromagnetic object.
doi:10.3390/s19020337 fatcat:mv5w6jmjvjemzhd7gyzr5vb6vi