Ealham, Chris & Michael Richards (eds) (2010) España fragmentada. Historia cultural y Guerra Civil española, 1936-1939, Granada: Comares Historia, XXVIII + 289 pp

Richard Cleminson
2012 Revista de Paz y Conflictos  
This handsomely produced book on "fragmented Spain" successfully convinces its audiences -from historians of contemporary Spain, to cultural studies practitioners and to Peace and Violence Studies scholars -to continue to revise over-simplistic versions of the Spanish Civil War. The very notion of a "splintered Spain", from the book's original title in English, published in 1995, not only conveys the fracture lines along which the civil, political, military, religious and class conflict of
more » ... ss conflict of 1936-39 was driven, but also invites us to think beyond the easy binarisms of good/evil, religious/non-religious and even left/ right in a conflict that involved many more versions than the oft-invoked "two Spains".
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