Examination of Anxiety Levels and Anger Expression Manners of Undergraduate Table Tennis Players

Tamer Karademir, Ünal Türkçapar
2016 Universal Journal of Educational Research  
This research was done for the determination of how their anxiety levels' and anger expressions' get shaped according to some variances. For this reason there were 76 female 125 male totally 201 sportsmen, who participated to the table tennis championship between universities in 2016 and ages differ from 18 to 28, were included the research group. According to research findings it was found that there was not a statistically meaningful difference between permanent anxiety levels and anger
more » ... els and anger expressing types of the sample group according to gender variance (p>0.05), but there were statistically meaningful differences found according to table tennis sports past, being consulted himself for decisions that is going to be made in the family, friendship relations variances (p<0.05). It was also determined that between permanent anxiety levels and permanent anger, anger inward and anger outward point averages there was a positive and linear correlation found, in the anger control point averages there was a negative and linear correlation found. Consequently taking a look to pasts of the table tennis sports which is existed in the normal bounds of the research group's permanent anxiety levels there was a result reached that from anger expression types; anger control point averages' resulted higher than other expression types and when the required attention and concentration were considered for the sports branch that they do it is a good feature.
doi:10.13189/ujer.2016.041005 fatcat:nnf2wz7gqff5rdmohv5zdmyavm