Simulation framework for teaching in modeling and simulation areas

Marisa Raquel De Giusti, Ariel Jorge Lira, Gonzalo Luján Villarreal
2008 European Journal of Engineering Education  
Simulation is the process of executing a model that describes a system with enough detail; this model has its entities, an internal state, some input and output variables and a list of processes bound to these variables. Teaching a simulation language such as general purpose simulation system (GPSS) is always a challenge, because of the way it executes the models and the abstraction level it can achieve, very different compared with most well-known programming languages. This article presents
more » ... open source simulation framework that implements a subset of entities of GPSS, which could help students to improve the understanding of this language. This tool also stores all entities of simulations in every single simulation time, which is very useful for debugging simulations, but also for getting a detailed history of all entities in the simulations, knowing exactly how they have behaved in every simulation time.
doi:10.1080/03043790802568138 fatcat:et2oijzpurgbxjvhiocazwb6ji