Use of the National Academy of Engineering's Grand Challenges for Engineering as a Semester-Long Project for an Introduction to Engineering Course

Lindsay Corneal
2014 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings   unpublished
The Grand Challenges for Engineering that have been identified by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) are the basis of a semester-long project within an Introduction to Engineering course. Each section of the Introduction to Engineering course was split into groups of four to five students, with each group investigating one of the fourteen challenges. There were various assignments on this topic for each group to complete over the course of the semester. They started by identifying the
more » ... es of engineers that would be involved in addressing their challenge, as well as identifying the non-engineering professionals that would also need to be involved. They completed a literature review of their topic and submitted an annotated bibliography from their literature review. They then wrote up a summary of their topic, using the information they had gathered, and finally ended the course with a presentation of their Grand Challenge topic. These assignments based on the NAE's Grand Challenges for Engineering were used to introduce students to the diverse fields of engineering as well as to develop skills in finding and reviewing technical information, presenting information in written form, and preparing and making presentations, all while working as a part of a team. This project was designed to meet many of the course objectives as well as to develop skills that will be needed in many of their future engineering classes. This paper presents an overview of the project and individual assignments as well as the outcomes and feedback from the students that participated in the project. The plans for further modifications and improvements to this project and assignments will also be presented.
doi:10.18260/1-2--23247 fatcat:no5zwblmljbj3joog6szosiqoy