Women Empowerment in India-A Dream Yet To Be Fulfilled

Nabanita Deka
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Science Society and Culture(IJIRSSC)   unpublished
Women empowerment has become such a topic which has very frequently been used in the discussions not only among the intellectuals but also among the commoners. Women empowerment means to let women live their own life in a way they think appropriate on the basis of their conditions, family circumstances, qualities and capabilities of which they themselves are the best judges. On the other hand, equal status, opportunity and freedom to develop themselves and to ensure their participation in the
more » ... ocess of decision making in all spheres including political, economic and social processes. It is moving from the position enforced powerlessness to one of power. Educational attainment and economic participation are the key factors in ensuring the improvement of women. Frankly speaking the concept of women empowerment is very complex in itself indeed very fuzzy also specially in the Indian context. In India we need to do a lot to achieve this in the reality. Present paper is an attempt to throw some light on it from various perspectives.